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Custom Lanyards - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying in VN

Vĩnh Trường Lộc Monday, February, 2023

The first step to making custom lanyards is choosing the right material and style. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles of neck straps. If you aren’t sure exactly which lanyard design will best suit your needs, browse these collections to help guide your decision

Do you dream of outfitting your team in high-quality custom lanyards?

Do you envy the competitors with professional lanyards, but aren’t sure how to design your own? Wish someone would point or nudge you in the right direction? Have no fear. Totally Promotional has simplified the process!

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Popular Uses: Create promotional buzz and draw attention of potential customers by letting employees wear custom key lanyards! Professional and polished looking customized logo lanyards will help your brand stand out among the market competitors at marketing campaigns and promotional events. As affordable merchandise within budget to build brand awareness, custom lanyards will create an impact as miniature billboards worn around necks of recipients and brand representatives. Comfortable to wear, promotional lanyards offer the best identification solution for displaying your credentials across various professional settings. Having endless practical uses, they will help differentiate employees, customers, attendees, students, patrons, speakers, and VIP guests while promoting security for access and preventing unauthorized access at secured entrances. Create positive associations and networking opportunities by distributing custom made printed lanyards among your staff, representatives, and patrons. Choose from close ended lanyards, double ended lanyards or open ended lanyards, and detachable lanyards to keep credentials easily accessible visible at all times. Build brand recognition with our personalized lanyards available in different types such as full color lanyards, polyester lanyards, tube lanyards, nylon lanyards, glitter lanyards, short wrist lanyards, ID badge reel full color lanyards, double clip lanyards, and woven lanyards. Our assortment of blank or in-stock lanyards include polyester lanyards, cord lanyards, double clip lanyards, rhinestone lanyards, tube lanyards, nylon lanyards, blank glitter lanyards, and safety breakaway lanyards. Customize your own lanyards with our varieties of lanyard accessories include ID badge reels, zip badge holders, pre-printed badge holders, plastic badge holders, full color printed PVC cards, vertical badge holders, metal necklace ball chains, armband badge holders, elastic cords for badge holders, and premium PU card holders. For convenience of switching between IDs and keys time and time again, you can go for our snap plastic buckle, buckles release, and safety breakaway. 

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Design Suggestions: Our collection of custom lanyards are available in all sorts of designs and styles. For conferences and seminars, we have blank cheap lanyards that you can purchase and design to the discussion theme. The blank nylon and blank cheap tube lanyards would work ideally for discussion events. To choose lanyards for concerts and music festivals, you have to keep the genre in mind. If it is a pop or EDM concert, you can go for glitter or rhinestone lanyards. You could get full-color lanyards and imprint the concert's name and artist or band's name on them for a more personalized approach. Since exhibitions and conventions amass many people together, it is best to invest in cheap lanyards. Our collection consists of excellent quality custom lanyards at very reasonable prices. Choose full-color custom printed lanyards, imprint on names of TV shows, movies, or games, and give them out to the fans and followers so that they can keep their passes in there. Lanyards used for office or school purposes do not need to have intricate designs. Going with the woven custom lanyards and having the institution's name on them would be more than enough.

Product Materials: We offer lanyards in many materials: satin polyester, standard polyester, eco-friendly polyester with twill, polyester with glitter trim, satin nylon, standard nylon, etc. ID badge reels, cardholders, and cords are also available as lanyard accessories. These items are made of different materials depending on which style you choose. You can select hooks and stitches to suit your preferences. All lanyard printing is either digital or woven on.

Build your own lanyards
Make totally custom lanyards at by following these easy steps:

Choose your lanyard material and style.
Select your lanyard material color and imprint color.
Choose your hook, keychain or badge holder attachment.
Upload your logo or describe your design idea.

Custom Lanyards FAQs
How much do custom lanyards cost? As an example, you can order 100 of our economy lanyards for less than 25.000 vnd each. All lanyard orders include free delivery and free setup. You can also order lanyards in quantities as low as 25 or 50 for smaller businesses or more intimate events. Bulk orders are also available at discounted prices for larger events.

How do I design a lanyard?
After choosing your desired lanyard style and material, please enter your quantity, ZIP code, production time and preferred delivery method. Next, select your product color and imprint color. You’ll then choose from our variety of lanyard attachments and, if needed, you can also select a clear ID badge holder. To customize, upload your own artwork file(s) or choose the “Email Later” option to send your artwork to our expert graphic designers when you are ready. Take a look at our How To Make Custom Lanyards page for inspiration and design ideas.

How can I use custom lanyards?
Lanyard strap are used for security, convenience and to make a positive impression for your brand at schools, trade shows and events. Lanyards provide an upfront display of identification when combined with badge holders, and offer a convenient way to carry objects such as keys. Lanyards are practical promotional items that make great giveaway gifts at trade shows and conventions. They draw plenty of exposure when eyes are drawn to the branded logo printed on lanyards. Special attachments and hooks can be used to hold clear ID holders, badges, keys and more. Our online ordering process makes it easy to create the perfect promotional lanyard for your school, sporting event or concert.

How are personalized lanyards printed?
Printing methods for custom lanyards are determined by the style chosen. Our economy lanyards are dye sublimated in one or full-color print. Dye sublimation on our economy satin polyester lanyards provides a smooth, integrated imprint with a delicate and attractive, shiny finish. Dye sublimation printing produces a vivid color and the ability to print intricate details. Screen printed lanyards offer durability and versatility. Screen printed imprints allow for bold designs that will make your logo or design stand out! Lanyards are printed in a step-and-repeat pattern. Step-and-repeat patterns cover the entire front side of the lanyard on the left and right side while looking at the lanyard straight on.

Will my logo fit on the lanyard?
Our graphic designers will work with the logo or artwork you submit to ensure you are happy with the appearance of your lanyards. We suggest selecting our best-selling economy polyester lanyard, which offers the largest imprint area and maximum visibility for your logo. Payment will not be processed until you are satisfied with the look of your logo on the lanyards and have approved your digital proof.

We are a supplier of lanyards for universities in Vietnam: dây đeo thẻ UEH, dây đeo thẻ sinh viên rmit, dây đeo thẻ đại học Tôn Đức Thắng,...

We offer a wide range of custom printed lanyards and accessories. All of these lanyards can be customised with your company name or logo, with the exception of our in stock lanyards. Our in stock lanyards are unprinted because they are made to be easily, and quickly shipped if you are pressed for time. We have eco-friendly lanyards, polyester tube style lanyards, wrist lanyards, and we even have safety lanyards. Talk to us today for a rapid written quote and free virtual sample!

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